Joomla Picasa

wgPicasa PRO

After wgPicasa there is now a PRO version available for Joomla 3x. This version has a lot of more options like showing hidden albums, import an album in an article, showing dissription/title/dates, more css styling of the pictures etc...
Make configs of different albums.

Because we make a lot of hours to make this version available we ask you a little amount of 9 euros to pay for this version.


  • Make configuration of your albums  and use this configurtaion in different ways
  • Make configurations of different albums
  • Show your albums or one album in an Article
  • Show your proteced albums also
  • Show the description, title or date of pcitures
  • Select if you like to see your username
  • Select if you like to see the number of albums
  • Have more influence of styles of your images and text
  • more..


image1 image2 image3
image4 image5 image6


  • Download the component
  • Install both the component and plugin in joomla
  • PUBLISH the plugin (otherwise the article import fucntion won't work)
  • Upload the licens file (zip file) unther the tab "license"of the wgpicasPRO component
  • Make a defaultconfig unther configuration and set your personal settings
  • Make a menu menu item using the defaultconfig (or any other you made) in the paramters componnents of the menu item
  • Or use the config in an article config



The basic classes are:
.wgPicasaalbumimg (class for the image)
.picasaAlbumlist (class for the list)
.picasaAlbums (class for the bnumber of Albums)
.picasaPhototitle (class fro the filename of the photo)
.picasaPhotopublished (class for styling date of the image)
.picasaPhotosummary (class of the summary text of the photo)


Download the component here