For correct working of wgPicasa and wgPicasaPRO you need to use
  • php5
  • enabled the curl library (which is enabled standadard in a normal configuration)


  • Download the component
  • Use the install option in Joomla to install it
  • Make a menu item using the wgPicasa option
  • Choose which layout, there are 2 layout options:
    1) show one specific album of Picasa
    2) show all albums of your Picasa account
  • Make your personal setting under the component parameters, see settings


First you have to uninstall the component, then do the normal install and the upgrade has been done. Please check you settings of the wgPicasa menu items.


Under the menu item you can make your setting by the PARAMETERS of the component:


Picasa user name Fill in the user name of your Picasa account, normally the name before your GMail address.
Only PUBLIC albums will be shown
Picasa album id
If you have chosen the one album layout, you have to fill in the
ID of the album, you will find this ID in the url address when you open the album.
Max Photos per page
the maximum of the pictures per page you like.
Max Photos per row
The maximum pictures per row.
Paging numbers
how many page numbers
Image size thumbnail
the size of the thumbnail
Image size Light-box
The size of the pop-up light-box when you click on a thumbnail
Title Title of the page
Text You can add some text, like some explaining of the albums, or an agreement. It's also possible to do some html style in this text.

Changing in your albums

If you make changes in your Picasa web albums, these changing will be updated automatically. So if you delete or add pictures this will be immediately changed next time you visit the website.