FAQs - wgPicasaPRO

For the Pro version there are two ZIP files included:

1. Component file (wgpicaProInstall)
2. Plugin file (wgpicasaProPluginInstall)
You don't have to unzip the files It's simply done by the normal install procedure of joomla. So under extensions choose the install button and find the file on your computer (you just downloaded) and click on install. After that there will be a message that it has been done. There will be a component available under the components menu.

Start to install the component then the plugin.

Don't forget to enable the plugin simply by publish it after installation!!

License file

Seperatly you will receive the license file by EMAIL.
You need to upload the license file which can be done after installation of the component. You will find a tab called "license" under the component where you need to upload the license  txt file.

There is a video available how to install the component. See here.

For joomla 3x
You will receive a seperate email containing your license file, please check your SPAM filter if not received.

For Joomla 1.5 & 2.5
In the package you will find a license file. This file is for joomla 1.5 and joomla 2.5. You are able to upload the file in the license tab at the component.

The component and plugin can be upgraded by simply INSTALL with the new one. As by all upgrades make a copy of your database first!

Once you have made a configuration you can easily import the album or albums in your article by using following syntax


So if you need to import the configuration defaultconfig you need to add this in your article:


Here's how you get the album ID for a specific album.
Go to your PWA account and click on the album in question.
Click on the 'RSS' link to the right.
You should get something like the following:

Notice the long string of digits; that's your Album ID.

Please check if you have filled in the correct user name.
For protected albums check your password also.

If you make changes to the Picasa web albums, like deleting pictures in a album, or add an album. This will be automatically picked up by the component. Every time you visit the page this will be loaded with the latest information.

No there is no maximum of pictures or albums, but of course this has influence on loading the page. If you like to have all pictures on one page, this will have extra loading time.

In the css file of your template you can style also the Picasa pictures. Everey detail of the piacas has a class which you can easily use for styling your thumbnails or title etc.

The basic classes are:
.wgPicasaalbumimg (class for the image of the Albums)
.picasaThumbimg (class for the image thumbnail)
.picasaAlbumlist (class for the list)
.picasaAlbums (class for the bnumber of Albums)
.picasaPhototitle (class fro the filename of the photo)
.picasaPhotopublished (class for styling date of the image)
.picasaPhotosummary (class of the summary text of the photo)

Using  a sytem like firebug (firefox) it's easily to find a class.

Yes it's possible to use more accounts of the google Picasa albums. Simply make a new menu item with the new account details.
It's not possible to have them in one menu and view.